Located in the middle of boat house area right in front of the Ine fishing port.

1 minute walk to the early morning local fish market “Ine no hama-uri”.  

 “Ine no hama-uri (fishing port market)” is a valuable opportunity to get a feel for the local life in Ine, “a town with no fish shop”. Local people buy fish directly from fishermen bringing a bucket in their hand. The market opens only for a short period of time (about 30 minutes) right after the fishing boats return to the port early in the morning. You’ll be amazed to see the landing of day’s catch of all kinds of fish (including Marlin and Tuna, if you are lucky) too.  (※ Closed on Sat. with possible temporary closing depending on weather, etc.)

 The guest house is about 75 years old, used to be a fisherman`s home. During the renovation, we tried to keep the original house architecture while installing modern comfortable facilities to make our guests feel at home.

Able to communicate in Japanese, English, Chinese and Cantonese.

2 Japanese rooms, 9 people in total

– The house is not Funaya (boat house)

– Serve 1 group a day

– Total 70 ㎡ 1st floor space for stay

– A lounge with kitchen and dining table

– A shower room with bath tub

– 2 rest rooms

– The rooms are on the 1st floor

– No pet

– Free parking available(About 100 meters away)


Equipment / Amenity

Air conditioner / Fridge / Micro oven / Electrical kettle / TV set / Hair drier / WiFi / Facial towel / Bath towel / Tooth brush / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Shaver / Kitchen utensils (no condiments)

※ Please bring your pajamas. 


Easy access


  • 1 min walk to the Ine fishing port
  • 2 min walk to the bus stop “Ine gyokyo mae (伊根漁協前)”
  • 3 min walk to the sushi restaurant Wadatsumi / INE CAFE
  • 5 min walk to the observatory deck / gift shop / restaurant  Aburaya / Funaya restaurant
  • 7 min walk to the Shichimensan parking lot (fishing spot) 
  • 7 min walk to the Ine museum of history and folklore
  • 9 min walk to the Ine Tourist Information / Ine-ura park
  • 10 min walk to the bus stop “Ine (伊根)”
  • 13 min walk to the Mukai Sake Brewery

< Rates >


Accept reservations from 4 adult-rate guests and above.

Adult rate: 12,100 yen/person including tax (no breakfast or dinner)

 ※ Children 8 years old and under are free (1 child per 1 adult) if no Japanese futon, blanket or towel, etc. is required.
     The adult rate will be applied for children other than above. 


< Book >

Before booking, please read the following points. 

〇 This guest house is not Funaya (boat house), but inside the Funaya area, located in front of the Ine fishing port.

〇 This is a residence area. Please keep your voice low.  

〇 Fishermen go to work in the early morning.  You will hear the sound of the boat and cars.  

〇 No smoking inside.  For smoke, please go outside.  

〇 Check-in time: 16:00

Check-out time: 10:00

〇 Please contact us in advance if you need to leave your luggage before check-in. 

〇 The parking space next to the guest house is not ours. Please don`t park there. 

〇 Payment: Pay by credit card in advance


Cancellation policy:

7 days before: Free 

6-2 days before: 50% of the total accommodation fee

1 day before / the accommodation day /no show: 100% of the total accommodation fee


How to book:

Please fill out the information below and send it to the following email address.  


– Name shown in passport

– Nationality

– Email address

– Phone number

– Residential add.

– Number of adult-rate guests (4 and above) by gender

– Number of no extra fee children (※ see <Rates> above) by age

– Check-in date

– Check-out date

– Number of nights

– Transportation (car / bus):

– Remarks

Below is breakfast and dinner information for your reference. 

  ※ There could be temporary closing. It is recommended to check with restaurants directly.


Breakfast > 

「Ohitsu」(Delivery service)

Ofukuwake cafe」(5 mins by car, closed on Mon and Tue)

「舟屋食堂 / Funaya Shokudo」(9 mins on foot, closed on Thu)


Dinner >

  ※ There are not many restaurants in Ine Funaya boat house area. It is recommended to reserve in advance. 

「海宮 / Wadatsumi」(3 mins on foot, closed on Wed)

「兵四楼 / Hyoshirou」(13 mins on foot, closed on Thu)

「地魚料理よしむら / Yoshimura」(11 mins on foot)   (※Reservation required)

「鮨いちい / Sushi Ichii」(5 mins by car, closed on Thu and Sun)(※Reservation required)

「食事処・呑み処 なぎさ / Nagisa」(5 mins on foot)   (※Reservation required)

< By Public Transport >

Kyoto Sta. / Osaka Sta. ⇒ Miyazu Sta. / Amanohashidate Sta.
      by limited express train (about 2 to 2.5 hrs)

Transfer to local bus    (Tankai bus (丹海バス), Fare 400 yen)
Miyazu Sta. ⇒ Amanohashidate Sta. ⇒ Ine town

  (about 1 hr 15 mins / 1 hr)

Local bus Time table  https://www.tankai.jp/en/bus/tankai-bus/

※ Only Route number 5 goes to Ine gyokyo mae (伊根漁港前) bus stop (2 mins walk to Funaoto, the second stop after “Ine”).

 All Route number 5, 7, 8 and 9 go to Ine (伊根) bus stop (10 mins walk to Funaoto).

Route number 5:    Bound for “Ine yubinkyoku mae (伊根郵便局前)”

Route number 7 & 8:    Bound for “Kamanyu (蒲入)”

Route number 9:    Bound for “Kyoga misaki (経ヶ岬)”

< By Car >

 Map Code:    652 605 524*28

※ Address:    610-9 Hirata, Ine town, Yosa gun, Kyoto prefecture


From Osaka
About 2 hrs 40 mins thru Maizuru-Wakasa Highway & Kyoto Jukando Highway

From Kyoto
About 1 hr 40 mins thru Kyoto Jukando Highway

From Miyazu Sta.
About 40 mins

From Amanohashidate Sta.
About 35 mins